A partnership for biodiversity

We are proud to announce our partnership with GoodPlanet Belgium that inspires and encourages all generations to live sustainably.

Together, we will create spaces for biodiversity in schools, companies, institutions, hospitals, etc.

GoodPlanet's experts will run workshops with our biodiversity bubble creators, to raise awareness of the huge impact of insect hotels and nest boxes and other environmentally responsible behaviour on the flora and fauna around them

Partenariat encore BetterflyBox et GoodPlanet Belgium


Meet the Children!

Brussel Living Lab et BetterflyBox

In 2023, BetterflyBox brings biodiversity to schools!

BetterflyBox has decided to launch a pilot project to teach children about biodiversity through fun and practical workshops.

Our objective: Integration of 3,000 biodiversity bubbles in our Brussels schools having participated in the 3,000 pre-flowered programme of GoodPlanet Belgium and BeeOdiversity with the installation of 2,000 urban biodiversity bubbles (60% of subsidies for companies and 100% for associations).

An ambitious project that aims to extend to all our Belgian schools and to raise children's awareness of the importance of biodiversity in our cities.

Let's share a creative and human experience to leave a positive impact on the biodiversity around us.


Belgian Economic Mission

BetterflyBox in Japan

In December 2022, at the invitation of Princess Astrid of Belgium, Marina Cartalis travelled to Japan to negotiate with various development agencies the organisation of training sessions for members of the FFC by master craftsmen in Japanese Bamboo.



The annual conference for young start-ups in Helsinki


Helsinki... Here I am !

I am pleased to announce that BetterFlyBox has been selected to participate in Slush on 17-18 November 2022. 

What is Slush?

The largest annual conference in Helsinki, bringing together no less than 4,600 start-ups from around the world and 2,600 investors.

Slush is the fourth largest conference in the world dedicated to young start-ups.

On 15 November I'll be flying to Finland to introduce people to the BetterflyBox, a way of promoting biodiversity in towns and cities.

European LIFE programme

European consortium to promote urban biodiversity in EU cities.

The densification of large European cities has made it difficult for ecosystems to flourish.

Indeed, the reduction of green spaces and the increase in the "mineralisation" of cities directly threaten the fauna and flora. As a result, large cities have hindered the migration of animal species and the flourishing of plant species.

EURBIODE is an ambitious programme aiming to establish good practices in the protection and preservation of urban biodiversity in major European cities.

Marina Cartalis Fondatrice de BetterflyBox

EURBIODE offers every citizen, every company, every institution the possibility to become an actor in the promotion of biodiversity by installing a "life capsule" in their home. "Life Capsules are micro-ecosystems with plants and flowers for insects, pollinators, insect hotels, bird shelters and seeds for winter food.

Thanks to a smartphone application allowing the geolocation of the capsules, the observation and inventory of the fauna and flora in the urban environment, and finally, the inventory and reduction of risk factors (pesticides, mono-flora, bird-window collision,...), EURBIODE orchestrates all of these capsules in order to create biodiversity corridors in the city and to allow insects and birds, and at the same time pollen and seeds, to pass through and flourish in the cities

The EURBIODE programme requires the collaboration of civil society, businesses and city authorities to carry out these Biodiversity campaigns.

In partnership with biodiversity protection programmes, citizen crowdfunding and societal engagement platforms, EURBIODE ensures the collaboration of citizens, making each inhabitant a potential actor of the city's ecological transition.

In partnership with chambers of commerce and business associations, EURBIODE organises the collaboration of the latter to integrate their CSR programme and provide them with the necessary information for their annual report within the European taxonomy.

EURBIODE integrates strategic actors from civil society, specialists in biodiversity issues, to raise awareness, educate and train citizens and businesses on urban biodiversity.

With this LIFE programme, EURBIODE aims to prove the environmental and economic relevance of its model in 3 major European cities, and then to systematically propose it to stakeholders in all medium and large European cities, with the aim of ensuring that Europe no longer has barriers to the progress of biodiversity in Europe.