BetterflyBox gives the world the power to take action for biodiversity !

BetterflyBox is an innovative solution for promoting biodiversity in cities and measuring its impact via a geolocation application.

Our BetterflyBox

The Betterfly company is launching a unique concept, designed to promote the balance of biodiversity.

The BetterflyBox gives you an opportunity to explore and understand the importance of biodiversity balance. It includes a nesting box, an insect hotel, paints for personalisation and a biodiversity guide.

Thanks to an integrated mobile application, you can measure and appreciate the wealth of flora and fauna in your own biodiversity bubble.

Opt for BetterflyHotel, our large insect hotels

Betterflybox offers large insect hotels made in Belgium by talented craftsmen. Designed to meet the needs of companies, institutions and individuals, They provide a refuge for many species and contribute to the ecological balance of your environment.

As experts, we can design customised models to meet the specific needs of your project and boost the biodiversity of your green spaces.

Our first action for 2023: Brussels Living Lab

In collaboration with GoodPlanet Belgium and BeeOdiversity, Betterfly has decided to launch a pilot project to teach biodiversity in schools through fun, practical workshops.

Our objectives with BetterflyBox are :

- Integrating bubbles into schools and local authorities
- Measuring the impact on urban biodiversity
- Creating a community of friends of nature
- Raising young people's awareness of environmental issues.


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