BetterflyBox is a European pioneer in urban biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity through technology and citizen engagement.


Discover our GreenBox

BetterflyBox launches a unique concept for individualsThe GreenBox is a positive environmental impact box that allows you to deploy and customise a bubble with a birdhouse, insect hotels, etc., to create an ecosystem of biodiversity. The GreenBox is a positive environmental impact box that allows you to deploy and customize a bubble with a birdhouse, insect hotels...

Thanks to its integrated App, you can measure the performance of your bubble and identify the fauna but also the flora present inside. 

The preservation of biodiversity requires respect for seasonal cycles and the specific needs of animal and plant species. Our GreenBox is available in 4 versions.

Opt for Hotels in Insects

BetterflyBox offers Insect Hotels made in Belgium by talented craftsmen. They are designed to meet the needs of companies, communities, institutes or schools. They provide a refuge for many species and contribute to the ecological balance of your environment.

As experts, we can design customised models to meet the specific needs of your project and boost the biodiversity of your green spaces.

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Our first action for 2023: Brussels Living Lab

In collaboration with GoodPlanet Belgium, Incredible Company and BeeOdiversity, BetterflyBox decided to launch a pilot project to learn about biodiversity in schools through fun and practical workshops.

Our objectives are:

- Integrating bubbles in schools and communities
- Measuring the impact on urban biodiversity
- Creating a community of friends of nature
- Raise awareness of environmental issues among young people.

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