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Enhance the biodiversity of your outdoor spaces with our big insect hotels or BetterflyHotel

Professionals, institutions or private individuals can boost biodiversity with our sustainable insect hotels made in Belgium. Provide a refuge for many species and contribute to the ecological balance of your space.

The BetterflyHotel is suitable for different types of insects, such as solitary bees, ladybirds, butterflies and many more.

We can also design tailor-made models to meet the specific needs of your image or project.

Species that can be accommodated in our insect hotels

Choosing an insect hotel is an invitation to fascinating species.

One effective way of contributing to environmental conservation is to install insect hotels. These surprising structures offer refuge to a multitude of insect species, making them an interesting and educational way of encouraging biodiversity in our outdoor spaces.

Let’s find out what species we can house in these insect shelters.

Wild bees

Bees are essential for pollinating plants, but are in decline due to habitat loss.
Insect hotels provide ideal shelter for these precious pollinators. They can find refuge in the bamboo tubes, hollow stems or pieces of wood provided in our structures for this purpose.

Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are true allies of the gardener, feeding on aphids and other small insect pests.
Our insect hotels can accommodate these beneficial species by providing them with narrow slits where they can rest and hibernate.


Hoverflies, also known as flower flies, are small insects that look like wasps or bees.
They are excellent pollinators and their larvae feed on aphids. Hoverflies will be attracted to hollow stems or straw-filled tubes, where they can lay their eggs.


Butterflies are majestic creatures that add beauty to our gardens and outdoor spaces.
Our insect hotels are also designed to shelter butterflies, providing nesting places where they can rest, feed and multiply.

Why is an insect hotel essential for our environment?

Why is it so important for our environment to have an insect hotel, which serves as an ecological refuge for our six-legged friends?

Why not consider installing an insect hotel in your outdoor space, given the many benefits it offers? This small initiative can have a big impact on our environment.


Where to position your BetterflyHotel?2024-01-24T17:15:07+00:00

The location of the insect hotel is important for its effective operation. It is best to place it in a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind and close to sources of food for insects, such as flowering plants, gardens, green spaces or meadows.

To attract insects, we recommend planting flowers and indigenous plants near the insect hotel. These plants will provide pollen and nectar, as well as additional shelter for the insects.

How does a BetterflyHotel work?2024-01-24T16:30:09+00:00

A large insect hotel is a structure specially designed to provide a favourable habitat for beneficial insects. Here’s how an insect house generally works: The insect hotel generally consists of a wooden box or structure with several compartments. Each compartment is filled with different natural materials such as logs, twigs, hollow stems, pine cones, bark, straw, bricks, etc. These materials provide different types of shelter for insects. Each compartment or section of the insect house provides a specific habitat for different types of insect. For example, twigs can attract ladybirds, hollow stems can house solitary bees, bark can be used by beetles, and so on. The idea is to provide environments conducive to insect nesting, hibernation and reproduction.

When is the right season to set up a BetterflyHotel?2024-01-24T16:28:07+00:00

The best time to install an insect hotel is in spring or autumn. These seasons offer favourable conditions for insects to settle into their new habitat.

In spring, insects are more active and looking for nesting sites to reproduce. Installing the insect hotel at this time gives them the opportunity to quickly discover the structure and use it as a shelter for their eggs and offspring.

Autumn is also a good time to install the insect hotel. At this stage, many insects are looking for a place to spend the winter, hibernate or protect themselves from the weather. By installing the insect hotel in autumn, you can offer them a safe place to rest during the cold season.

Mobile application installation2024-01-24T16:25:37+00:00

Once you have customised and installed your biodiversity bubble, proceed to install the application

1. Scan the QR code and install the app

Each BetterflyBox contains a QR code and a unique barcode

Or click on one of the buttons

2. Introduction

When you first use it, you’ll see 5 screens.

  • Welcome to the BetterflyBox application
  • Activate your Box and install your Eco-Bubble
  • Activating the geolocation of your bubble
  • Participate and contribute to the repopulation of birds and insects
  • Share your photos on the application

3. Configuring your BetterflyBox

1. Create your account

You can create an anonymous account, use your Facebook account or your Apple account linked to your phone (in the case of an iPhone).

Account linked to FB or Apple ID

Anonymous account

2. Scan the unique barcode

Inside each BetterflyBox is a unique barcode. Please scan or copy it into the input field.

3. Confirm the position of your bubble

Using your finger, specify the position and click on “Confirm bubble position”.

4. Fill in the form

Please complete the form so that we can refine the scientific analysis of your observations.

How to maintain your BetterflyHotel?2024-01-24T16:24:49+00:00

An insect hotel does not generally require much maintenance.

However, it is recommended that you clean and replace certain materials once a year, for example in autumn, to maintain a healthy environment for the insects.

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