We create sustainable solutions to support biodiversity in urban and peri-urban environments

We offer a BetterflyBox and a BetterflyHotel that create micro-ecosystems of biodiversity that we call “bubbles”. We offer a smartphone application that allows them to be connected and synchronised. Together with businesses, institutions and private individuals, we are creating biodiversity networks that form living corridors and ensure that our cities become havens of biodiversity.

Behind the scenes at BetterflyBox

BetterflyBox was born under the name of Goodlockbox during the covid19 lockdown, an innovative idea to create ties in our families around a box of creative workshops.

Today, like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, BetterflyBox has created a BetterflyBox to promote biodiversity in our European cities. We’ve also created large insect hotels for businesses, institutions, schools, local authorities and nursing homes. To discover the “Butterfly Effect”, I invite you to enjoy a fun and creative human experience.

Marina Cartalis, founder of BetterflyBox.

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