Once you have customised and installed your biodiversity bubble, proceed to install the application

1. Scan the QR code and install the app

Each BetterflyBox contains a QR code and a unique barcode

Or click on one of the buttons

2. Introduction

When you first use it, you’ll see 5 screens.

  • Welcome to the BetterflyBox application
  • Activate your Box and install your Eco-Bubble
  • Activating the geolocation of your bubble
  • Participate and contribute to the repopulation of birds and insects
  • Share your photos on the application

3. Configuring your BetterflyBox

1. Create your account

You can create an anonymous account, use your Facebook account or your Apple account linked to your phone (in the case of an iPhone).

Account linked to FB or Apple ID

Anonymous account

2. Scan the unique barcode

Inside each BetterflyBox is a unique barcode. Please scan or copy it into the input field.

3. Confirm the position of your bubble

Using your finger, specify the position and click on “Confirm bubble position”.

4. Fill in the form

Please complete the form so that we can refine the scientific analysis of your observations.