Appeal by 270 Belgian scientists on the seriousness of biodiversity loss

How can insect houses change this?

Are you aware of this huge discovery?

In Belgium, an appeal has been signed by 270 scientists to alert the public and the authorities to the seriousness of the situation (La Libre, March 2018).

The degradation of ecosystems and the disappearance of species are crucial issues for our planet and our survival, as well as that of our children, of course!

It's clear that many people are still unaware that biodiversity is essential to our survival and that they are not familiar with insect shelters or the solutions that can be put in place at all levels: businesses, households, local authorities, regions, towns, schools and institutions!

As far as companies are concerned, it is important to note that they have ESG obligations to fulfil! It's also good to know that insect houses enable them to collect data in line with these obligations, thanks to an application connected to the insect house.

In this context, insect houses are a practical and accessible solution for helping to protect our natural environment.

That's why BetterFlyBox was created. This initiative is really a story of passion for its creator.

What is an insect house?

An insect hotel is designed to provide a favourable environment for insects, particularly pollinators such as bees and butterflies. 

These structures offer shelter and attract different species of insects thanks to the use of a variety of natural materials. They are commonly installed in gardens, parks and green spaces.

However, it is also possible to install one at home or in the workplace...

Hôtel à insectes

What are the benefits of insect houses for biodiversity?

Promotes pollination 🌻


Insect houses play a crucial role in promoting pollination. Pollinating insects find refuge in these structures, contributing to plant diversity.

Help preserve endangered species 🐝

Insect houses provide an essential habitat for certain endangered species, such as solitary bees. By providing them with a safe haven, these structures help to preserve these declining species.

Promote awareness of biodiversity conservation 👨

Insect hotels are an effective tool for raising public awareness of the importance of insects and preserving biodiversity. They provide an opportunity to observe insect behaviour at close quarters and learn about their vital role in ecosystems, encouraging wider awareness.

Help fight parasites 🦠

Insect houses are often home to natural predators that feed on harmful pests. By encouraging the presence of these beneficial insects, these structures help to regulate pest populations in an environmentally-friendly way, reducing dependence on pesticides.

How do you create an effective and attractive insect house? 🐛

Choosing an ideal location ☀️

Choose a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind and bad weather, and close to melliferous plants to attract insects.

Use a variety of materials 🪵

Vary the materials so that the different species feel at home in their natural habitat: hollow rods, bricks, wood, straw, bark, etc.

Maintaining the insect house 🥰

Clean the house regularly and remove any rubbish, damaged materials or materials contaminated by pests.

Avoid chemicals 🧪

Do not treat the materials with chemicals, which could harm the insects.

Ensure good ventilation 💨

Allow spaces between materials and openings at the sides.

Insects need a well-ventilated habitat to avoid damp and disease.

What needs to be done?

The appeal launched by the 270 Belgian scientists highlights the need to act quickly to preserve biodiversity.

As well as installing insect houses, here are a few things we can all do to contribute to this effort:

Plant local, melliferous species 🌱

Encourage the planting of local and regional plant species. honey to feed and attract pollinating insects.

Limiting and reducing the use of pesticides 🚿

Pesticides are harmful to insects and ecosystems. Try to use as few as possible and favour biological control methods.

Building and creating ecological corridors ♻️

The ecological corridors allow species to move around and colonise new habitats. They are essential for maintaining biodiversity.

Raising awareness and educating 🧑🏻🏫

Sharing knowledge and raising awareness among friends and family of the importance of biodiversity and the actions needed to preserve it.

Supporting local initiatives 🤲🏿

Join or support local associations and projects working to protect biodiversity.

The loss of biodiversity is a major challenge that concerns us all. Insect habitats offer a simple and effective solution to help preserve species and ecosystems.

Discover our insect houses, educate children in schools, members of your teams, meet your ESG targets and obligations, or simply share your passion with us.

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