Betterflybox is a project with commitments
sustainable and societal

Une collaboration entre GreenBox et la prison de Berkendael

An inspiring collaboration that gives women in prison a process of rehabilitation.

We're proud to be working with women in prison to create our BetterflyBoxes. This collaboration enables us to support women in their rehabilitation process.

Our commitment to this collaboration is strong and close to our hearts. We also want to offer training to help women develop new skills and gain experience. We believe this can help prepare them for reintegration into society.

Participating in the Betterfly Effect also means supporting this initiative and helping these women to make a fresh start in their lives. 

An ethical programme protecting women in conflict zones

Following an exceptional meeting with Mrs Julienne Lusenge, founder and president of the FFC (Congolese Women's Fund), recognised for her exceptional action to protect women in conflict zones, holder of the Aurora Prize, Knight of the Legion of Honour and Woman of Bravoury of the American State Department, Betterfly offered to contribute to the development of women's bamboo workshops by becoming the first sponsor of a series of insect hotels and bird nesting boxes for its BetterflyBoxes.

In December 2022, Princess Astrid of Belgium proposed to Marina Cartalis to accompany her to the economic mission in Japan. This opportunity allowed her to propose to different development agencies the organisation of training sessions for FFC members by Japanese bamboo master craftsmen.


A circular programme making our boxes a vector of circularity in local economies 

Gifts are often a major source of waste, and in order to reverse this trend, BetterflyBox has developed a new reverse logistics packaging and delivery model. The new e-commerce economy sees hundreds of millions of delivery boxes in circulation, which do not always end up in recycling programmes.

BetterflyBoxes have been designed so that their delivery boxes contribute to the circular economy by offering them as target waste containers for return to an approved upcycling partner. 

This is made possible by information on the inside of the BetterflyBox and a QR-code leading to an explanatory tutorial. The recipient is informed of the type of waste to put in the box before sending it back.

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