The Green Box

Biodiversity pathways

The GreenBox

Est une boite à impact environnemental positif, qui permet à son utilisateur de déployer et personnaliser un micro-ecosystem de biodiversité sur son balcon, sur son
roof, or in its garden.

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Why the Green Box?

Biodiversity offers us many benefits: it allows us to maintain our health and quality of life, as well as that of ecosystems, by purifying our air and water.

It also protects soils which play a crucial role in water regulation, food production and carbon absorption.

It also contributes to climate regulation by maintaining a natural and stable balance of weather and climate conditions, and to the pollination of plants, which promotes their reproduction and contributes to biodiversity.

Our Green Boxes encourage businesses, communities and families to adopt biodiversity-friendly habits. 

la biodiversité représentée par un oiseau.

D’un geste simple, notre Greenbox incite les entreprises, les particuliers et les collectivités à contribuer à la préservation de la biodiversité .

En effet, la biodiversité nous offre de nombreux bienfaits : elle permet grâce à la purification de l’air et de l’eau, de maintenir notre santé et notre qualité de vie, ainsi que celle des écosystèmes .

Elle protège également les sols qui jouent un rôle crucial dans la régulation de l’eau et l’absorption du carbone .

Malheureusement, la biodiversité est menacée par l’activité humaine : extension des villes, déforestation, modification du climat, pollution de l’air et de l’eau .

C’est pourquoi nous vous proposons la Greenbox offrant de nombreux bienfaits tels que le maintien des écosystèmes .

La biodiversité représentée par une forêt en plein automne.

Our mission

At BetterflyBox, we are committed to raising awareness of the importance of preserving our planet by protecting natural ecosystems. 

That's why we created the Green Box, to encourage families, businesses and communities to get involved in the fight against climate change.

Each Green Box contains a selection of carefully chosen eco-friendly items, such as bird boxes and beehives, as well as information on how to use and maintain them. These small actions, if multiplied across the population, can have a huge impact on the environment.

By buying a Green Box, you are taking part in our mission to raise environmental awareness and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. We hope that you will be as enthusiastic as we are about this initiative and that you will accompany us in this positive step for the planet.

An innovative application to manage your bubble

The Green Box is accompanied by a Smartphone application that helps users manage their biodiversity bubble (geolocation, integrated purchases, social networks, observation and referencing of biodiversity, etc.).

The BetterflyBox team invites municipalities and local governments, businesses and citizens' associations to join them in organising Biodiversity campaigns to multiply BetterflyBox capsules across cities and create life paths through Europe's cities.

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For whom?

The companies

By stimulating and entertaining your employees, make biodiversity a strategic focus of your ESG programme.

The institutions

Schools, associations, hospitals, nursing homes, thanks to our creative workshops we can help you create your own biodiversity bubbles.


On your roof, on your balcony, or in your garden. You will find the ideal place to set up your corner of nature and biodiversity.


Together with your local government, we bring together all the committed actors in your city to orchestrate a positive and sustainable transformation on the living.


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How does it work?

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1. Order your box

Choose from our themed boxes
or create your own custom box based on
on your needs and desires.

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2. Have it delivered

Your box is created by us.
We will keep you informed of the date
of delivery according to the chosen Box.

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3. Have a good time

All you have to do is find out
the contents of your Box and enjoy
a pleasant moment of pleasure.

Commandez La GreenBox !

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